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Best Deep Pour Epoxy Brands

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    If you're in the market for the best deep pour epoxy brands, you've come to the right place.

    These brands offer high-quality resins that are perfect for your next project.

    Whether you're planning to create a stunning river table or a unique piece of artwork, these epoxy brands have got you covered.

    But which one should you choose?

    Well, that's what we're here to discuss.

    So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of deep pour epoxy to find out which brands are worth your attention.

    Key Takeaways

    • TotalBoat ThickSet and ThickSet Fathom are highly recommended deep pour epoxy resins for projects such as river tables, live edge pours, and embedding objects.
    • TotalBoat ThickSet and ThickSet Fathom offer superior clarity compared to TotalBoat MakerPoxy, making them better options for casting thicker pieces.
    • Using a fan with TotalBoat ThickSet controls heat during the curing process, promotes even curing, minimizes yellowing, and speeds up the cure time.
    • UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy and MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin are reliable options for deep pour casting, providing exceptional clarity, resistance to bubbles and yellowing, and easy application of additional layers.

    TotalBoat MakerPoxy

    TotalBoat MakerPoxy is a highly recommended deep pour epoxy resin that provides a crystal-clear, bubble-free, high gloss finish for a wide range of applications. This resin is specifically designed for deep pour casting, making it an ideal choice for projects such as river tables, live edge pours, casting art projects, and embedding objects.

    TotalBoat MakerPoxy is engineered to self-level at extreme depths, allowing for single pours of up to 2 inches or multiple pours of up to 6 inches. With its exceptional clarity and absence of bubbles, this resin ensures a professional and flawless result every time.

    Made in the USA, TotalBoat MakerPoxy is a top choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're working on a table top epoxy project or a deep pour casting resin project, TotalBoat MakerPoxy is the go-to solution for achieving a stunning, high gloss finish.

    Trust in the quality and performance of TotalBoat MakerPoxy to bring your deep pour resin projects to life.

    Totalboat Makerpoxy in Layers

    Layering Totalboat Makerpoxy in individual 1/2 inch increments helps prevent overheating and promotes better clarity, although visible striations may still be present. When working with Totalboat Makerpoxy for deep pour projects, it's important to consider the limitations and best practices to achieve the desired results.

    Here are some key points to keep in mind:

    1. Overheating prevention: Pouring Totalboat Makerpoxy in layers helps to prevent overheating, as a single 2-inch thickness can lead to discoloration and other issues. By dividing the pour into 1/2 inch increments, you can minimize the risk of overheating and ensure a more successful outcome.
    2. Clarity concerns: While layering helps with overheating, it may result in visible striations. This means that even though the epoxy is poured in separate layers, there might be noticeable lines or textures on the finished surface. It's important to be aware of this potential drawback when using Totalboat Makerpoxy for deep pour applications.
    3. Best epoxy for deep pour projects: For deep pour projects requiring superior clarity and minimal yellowing, consider Totalboat ThickSet and ThickSet Fathom. Among the two, ThickSet Fathom is particularly recommended as it provides excellent clarity and no yellowing or bubbles, making it suitable for depths up to 3 inches.
    4. Suitable applications: While Totalboat Makerpoxy is best suited for coating applications, Totalboat ThickSet and ThickSet Fathom are better options for casting thicker pieces. These products offer improved performance for deep pour projects, ensuring optimal results in terms of clarity and overall quality.
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    TotalBoat ThickSet

    high viscosity epoxy for bonding

    To achieve optimal results for deep pour projects with substantial thickness, TotalBoat ThickSet offers a casting resin specifically designed for creating finished pieces. With its slower cure time and less heat production compared to coating resins, ThickSet is ideal for deep pour applications. This epoxy provides excellent clarity and minimal yellowing, ensuring a crystal-clear, bubble-free, and high gloss finish.

    TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom, a variant of ThickSet, is specifically formulated for depths up to 3 inches. It offers exceptional clarity without any yellowing or bubbles, making it perfect for creating stunning river tables or other deep pour projects.

    To ensure accurate measurements, TotalBoat provides a deep pour epoxy calculator that covers various epoxy coverage and drying times. This calculator helps you determine the amount of epoxy needed for your specific project, saving you time and minimizing waste.

    Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, TotalBoat ThickSet is a reliable choice for achieving outstanding results in your deep pour projects. Its precise formulation and exceptional finish make it a top contender in the market of deep pour epoxy resins.

    Totalboat Thickset With a Fan

    For optimal results with Totalboat Thickset With a Fan, consider using a fan during the curing process to control heat and ensure the best outcome for your deep pour project. Here are four reasons why incorporating a fan is essential for achieving success with this durable epoxy:

    1. Heat Control: Totalboat Thickset With a Fan is designed to be easy to use, but it generates heat during the curing process. By using a fan, you can control the temperature and prevent overheating, which can compromise the final result.
    2. High Gloss Finish: The fan helps to promote even curing, resulting in a smooth and high gloss finish. This is especially important for deep pour projects, where achieving a flawless surface is crucial.
    3. Minimize Yellowing: While Totalboat Thickset With a Fan produces less yellowing than other epoxy brands, clarity can still be compromised without proper heat control. The fan helps to reduce the risk of yellowing and maintain the transparency of your project.
    4. Faster Cure Time: The fan aids in speeding up the cure time of Totalboat Thickset With a Fan. This means that you can enjoy the finished product sooner and move on to the next steps of your project.

    TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom

    epoxy for deep water

    TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom is a highly transparent casting resin that delivers exceptional clarity and eliminates the risk of yellowing or bubbles. This epoxy resin is specifically designed for deep pours, allowing you to achieve thick layers in a single pour. With a maximum depth of 3 inches, TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom is perfect for projects such as river tables and embedding objects.

    One of the standout features of this epoxy resin is its ability to provide an incredibly clear finish. It offers up to 2x the clarity of standard epoxy, resulting in a glass-like finish that enhances the beauty of your project. Say goodbye to unsightly bubbles and imperfections with TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom.

    When working with TotalBoat ThickSet Fathom, you can rest easy knowing that it's food safe and contains zero VOCs. It's virtually odorless, ensuring a pleasant working environment. Additionally, this epoxy resin is proudly made in the USA, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

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    TotalBoat also goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. With fast and free 2-day delivery, you can start your project without delay. You'll also receive a free 9-piece epoxy tool kit, equipping you with everything you need to achieve professional results. Should you have any questions or need assistance, TotalBoat offers access to real epoxy experts who can provide guidance and support.

    UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy

    UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy offers unparalleled clarity and a flawless, glossy finish for your high-quality projects. This epoxy is specifically designed to provide up to 2 times the clarity of standard epoxy, making it ideal for achieving exceptional results.

    Here are key features and benefits of UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy:

    1. Deep Pours: Engineered to self-level at extreme depths, this epoxy can be poured up to 2 inches in a single pour or up to 6 inches in multiple pours. It provides the versatility needed for various project requirements, especially for river tables and live edge pours.
    2. Crystal-Clear Finish: UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy delivers a crystal-clear, bubble-free, and high gloss finish. It ensures that your projects have a professional and flawless appearance, with no bubbles, cracks, or yellowing.
    3. Reliable Customer Service: When working with UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy, you can rely on their excellent customer service. They offer fast and free 2-day delivery, a free 9-piece epoxy tool kit, and a deep pour epoxy calculator for precise measurements. This level of support ensures convenience and accuracy throughout your epoxy projects.
    4. Additional Layers: If you need to add more layers to your project, UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy allows for easy application of additional layers. This ensures that you can achieve the desired thickness and depth without compromising the clarity or quality of the finish.

    With UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy, you can confidently create stunning river tables, deep pours, and other high-quality projects. Its exceptional clarity, ease of use, and reliable customer service make it a top choice for achieving the best results in your epoxy projects.

    MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

    high quality deep pour resin

    MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is a slow-curing, high-quality epoxy system designed for deep pour casting, encapsulating, and molding applications. This 100% solid, two-component epoxy resin has a mix ratio of three to one by volume, making it easy to measure and mix. With a working time of three hours and a cure time of 24-36 hours at 70 degrees F, MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin provides ample time for pouring and leveling.

    One of the standout features of MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is its ability to create a clear, glass-like finish that resists scratching and yellowing. With a maximum thickness of 1 inch per layer for a 1/2 gallon pour, or 0.5 thickness for 1 gallon pours, this epoxy resin delivers a crystal clear, high gloss finish that enhances the beauty of any project.

    To achieve optimal results, it's recommended to work at a constant temperature between 60F-75F. It's also important to ensure that the surface is dry and sealed before casting, sealing wood or porous surfaces with MAS Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. Additionally, it's advised to avoid working at temperatures above 75F to prevent issues such as shrinking, yellowing, or cracking.

    MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is suitable for a variety of applications, including river tables, bar tops, countertops, and other projects that require a deep pour. Its slow-curing nature allows for the release of any trapped air bubbles, ensuring a smooth and professional finish. With its high-quality formulation and versatile applications, MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin is a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable epoxy system.

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    Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin 2:1

    Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin 2:1 is a highly versatile and durable epoxy resin that offers exceptional clarity and depth for a variety of casting projects. Here are the key features of this remarkable epoxy resin:

    1. Deep Pour Capability: With the ability to pour anywhere between 2-4 inches, Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy allows you to achieve a crystal clear finish, even with thick casting projects.
    2. Exceptional Durability: This resin is designed to withstand years of wear and tear without any issues, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. You can trust that your creations will remain intact and beautiful over time.
    3. Bubble-Free Finish: The low viscosity formulation of Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy ensures that bubbles effortlessly rise to the surface as it cures. This eliminates the need for additional steps to remove bubbles, resulting in a flawless, bubble-free finish.
    4. Made in the USA: Manufactured by Fiberglass Coatings, Inc., Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy is proudly made in the USA. This guarantees high-quality standards and supports the local economy and jobs.

    Whether you're creating ocean art or crafting intricate river tables, Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy Casting Resin 2:1 provides unmatched convenience, exceptional clarity, and depth. You can rely on its durability and bubble-free finish to bring your casting projects to life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Best Epoxy for Deep Pour?

    To achieve a flawless deep pour with epoxy, it is crucial to properly prepare the surface, calculate the correct amount needed, and use a slow-curing epoxy. Avoid common mistakes and explore different color options for your project.

    Which Brand Epoxy Resin Is Best?

    When comparing epoxy resin brands, consider factors like value, cure time, color options, heat resistance, UV protection, safety, and compatibility. Find the brand that offers the best value, sets the fastest, has a wide range of pigments, performs well in hot environments, offers UV protection, is least toxic, and works best with wood, metal, or plastic.

    Which Company Is Best for Epoxy?

    TotalBoat is the best company for epoxy. They offer a range of epoxy resin products suitable for deep pours. Their ThickSet Fathom casting resin provides excellent clarity and is the preferred choice for deep pour projects.

    How Thick Can You Pour Deep Pour Epoxy?

    When pouring deep pour epoxy, the maximum thickness depends on the brand and type of resin. Factors to consider include working time, clarity, and durability. To achieve a smooth finish, avoid common mistakes and calculate the necessary amount of epoxy. Get creative with colors and effects.


    In conclusion, when it comes to deep pour epoxy, TotalBoat, MAS, and Upstart Epoxy are the top brands to consider. Their resins offer excellent clarity, durability, and ease of use, making them ideal for various deep pour projects.

    TotalBoat's ThickSet Fathom stands out as the most recommended option for its ability to create a clear, glass-like finish. Like a polished gem, these epoxy brands bring a stunning and professional touch to river tables and artwork.

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