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Where to buy “art resin epoxy” products? 

Epoxy Product Kits:

0.75 Gallon Single Deep Pour Epoxy Kit

This size is perfect for small furniture accents, small deep pour sessions, decorations, jewelry. This resin product has a low viscosity which allows for bubbles to rise to the top in an effort to release or pop and aims to provide a bubble-less finish also maintaining low exothermic heat. Professionals and beginners choose our epoxy for superior clarity and crystal clear resin.

A group of white jugs with blue labels for home use.

1.5 Gallon Single Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit

This kit size is perfect for small-to-medium size pours. Side tables, coffee tables, river tables. woodworking, countertops, silicone molds, casting figurines, ornaments, and crafts. Again we can’t stress the clarity and the number of users we have that end up with a bubble-less epoxy resin finish. Invest in yourself by purchasing the best epoxy resin available on the market.

A group of clear jugs with blue labels for home use.

3 Gallon Epoxy Single Deep Pour Resin Kit 2:1 Ratio

The 3-gallon epoxy resin kit is perfect for conquering all the projects of professional epoxy artists. For cost-effectiveness, choose this size. You will have more freedom with your project sizes, from small to large. This kit is ready for river tables, conference tables, and many more significant projects. You should be equipped with epoxy resin materials that are engineered and built to last.

The Perfect Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Does Exist...

Find The One That Works Best For You.


A group of white jugs with blue labels for home use.
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Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin Kit

- Premium Commercial Grade

- Ultra Violet Resistant Or UV Protection

- 100% VOC Free & Practically Odorless

- Bubble-Less Finish

- Multi-Dimensional Look

- High Performance

- Self Leveling

- High Gloss

- Super Epoxy

- Matte Finish Can Be Achieved If Desired

Casting multi-dimensional depth with this epoxy product is made simple by the way it was engineered. 

A group of white jugs with blue labels for Home use.
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Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin Coating Kit

Super Clear Epoxy Coatings

Ultra Clear Resin

A group of white jugs with blue labels for Home use.
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Casting Resin System & DIY Epoxy Kit

Ultra Violet Resistant

Get started with a professional, beginner-friendly epoxy resin kit.

A group of white jugs with blue labels for Home use.
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Beginner Friendly Single Deep Pour Epoxy River Tables & Crafts Kit.

Pour A River Table With Resin.

Deep Pour Epoxy

Two white home jugs with labels.
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Tabletop Epoxy Resin Kit

Find Tabletop Epoxy Resin

Tabletop Epoxy

Two white home jugs with labels.
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Countertop Epoxy Resin Kit

Find Countertop Epoxy Resin

Countertop Epoxy

About Liquid Glass Epoxy And Fiberglass Coatings

A clear and super Liquid Glass Epoxy Kit Casting Resin System that will give you a clear finish and outperform any other epoxy product on the market.

The Highest Quality Epoxy Resin Available In The World.

Voted The Best Epoxy Resin For Woodworking, Tabletops, Countertops, River Tables, Walnut & Coatings.

We Were Able To Pour Up To 6 Inches In Depth During A Controlled Testing & Environment.
Deep Pour Liquid Glass Epoxy is a slow curing epoxy and, it will begin to gel in 6-10 hours, and cure rock hard within 72 hours if mixed properly.

We suggest doing pours up to 2″ thick.

Liquid Glass Epoxy resin is used by professionals all around the world. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional this epoxy will work for you.

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Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy-Resin Clear Super System

UV Stable

A group of white jugs with blue labels for Home use.

Super & Clear Liquid Glass System

Superior and high performance epoxy resin kits

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