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Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

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    Like a protective shield that repels water, Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy offers a solution that guarantees durability and clarity in your projects.

    But what makes this epoxy resin stand out from the rest?

    In this discussion, we will explore the benefits of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy, its suitable applications, and how to apply it for optimal results.

    Stay tuned to discover the secrets behind this remarkable waterproofing solution and unleash your creativity like never before.

    Key Takeaways

    • Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy offers unparalleled clarity and UV yellowing resistance.
    • It has a deep pour capability of 2-4 inches, making it ideal for countertops, river tables, and artwork.
    • The epoxy is made in the USA with odor-free, zero VOCs, and high-quality raw materials, making it suitable for both novices and professionals.
    • It can be customized with various pigments for unique designs and offers scratch protection and a glossy finish as a seal coat.

    Benefits of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

    Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy offers unparalleled clarity and the highest UV yellowing resistance, ensuring a long-lasting crystal-clear finish. With its deep pour capability of 2-4 inches, this epoxy is perfect for large and high-performance projects like countertops, river tables, and artwork.

    Made in the USA with odor-free, zero VOCs, and high-quality raw materials, this epoxy guarantees structural integrity and durability.

    This user-friendly epoxy is suitable for both novices and professionals, and it can be easily customized with various pigments for unique and personalized designs. The convenience of different kit sizes and quick shipping is further enhanced by responsive customer service and technical assistance, ensuring a hassle-free experience throughout the entire process.

    Whether you're creating a stunning glass-like finish for a table top or any other surface, this waterproof liquid glass epoxy will deliver exceptional results. Its clarity and ability to resist UV yellowing make it the perfect choice for achieving a long-lasting, clear finish that will enhance the beauty of any project.

    Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy Resin for your deep pour projects and experience the unparalleled quality and performance it offers.

    Suitable Applications for Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

    With its exceptional durability and crystal-clear finish, Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy is suitable for a variety of applications, making it the perfect choice for projects such as countertops, river tables, and artwork. One of the standout features of this epoxy is its deep pour capability, allowing for thick pours of up to 2 inches in a single application. Whether you're creating a stunning river table or a sleek countertop, this epoxy can handle it all.

    Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy, like SuperClear® Table Top and Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy, is a high-quality resin that can withstand heat and has the highest UV yellowing resistance on the market. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is a concern. The epoxy also serves as a seal coat, protecting the surface from scratches and providing a glossy, professional finish.

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    When working with Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy, it's important to pay attention to the temperature. The ambient temperature should be between 70-80°F for optimal results. To ensure a bubble-free finish, mix the epoxy thoroughly using a stir stick and gently apply heat with a torch or heat gun to remove any bubbles that may have formed during the mixing process.

    For technical questions or further assistance, the manufacturer provides support and guidance. It's recommended to clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying the epoxy and sanding it with sandpaper between coats for a smooth and flawless result.

    With its versatile applications and user-friendly nature, Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy is the go-to choice for all your epoxy casting resin needs.

    How to Apply Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

    waterproof liquid glass epoxy application

    To apply Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy, follow these steps to achieve optimal results:

    1. Prepare the working environment: Ensure that the surface is clean and level before applying the epoxy. This will help to create a smooth and even finish.
    2. Apply a seal coat: Before pouring the deep pour epoxy, it's recommended to apply a seal coat. This will help to prevent any air bubbles from forming and ensure a flawless finish.
    3. Mix and pour the epoxy: In a clean container, mix the resin and activator in a 2:1 ratio, following the manufacturer's instructions. Once mixed thoroughly, pour the epoxy onto the surface. Use a heat gun to remove any air bubbles that may have formed.
    4. Allow curing time: Let the epoxy cure for 48-72 hours, depending on the conditions. It's important to wait until the previous pour is tacky and nearly hard before adding additional layers.

    Remember to contact the manufacturer for specific application questions and product support. They offer helpful technical assistance and responsive customer service to ensure that you achieve the best possible finish with Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy.

    Drying Time and Curing Process of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

    The drying time and curing process of waterproof liquid glass epoxy are crucial factors to consider for a successful application.

    The epoxy has a curing time of approximately 24 hours, allowing for efficient completion of projects.

    During this process, the epoxy undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a durable and bubble-less finish, ensuring excellent structural integrity and a flawless appearance.

    Drying Time Explained

    The drying time and curing process of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy can be explained in detail to understand how this innovative product works.

    1. Cure Time: The curing time for Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy is approximately 48-72 hours, depending on the ambient temperature. This epoxy is designed for deep pour epoxy casting, allowing you to create thick layers with a clear and glossy finish.
    2. Tacky Stage: When applying multiple layers, it's important to pour the next layer when the previous one is in a tacky stage. This ensures proper adhesion between layers and prevents delamination.
    3. Pouring Technique: To achieve the clearest finish, follow the recommended mixing directions and pour the epoxy slowly and evenly. This helps minimize air bubbles and ensures a smooth and even surface.
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    Understanding the drying time and curing process of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy is crucial for achieving the best results. By following the recommended techniques and allowing sufficient cure time, you can create stunning and durable epoxy projects.

    Curing Process Steps

    For an optimal curing process of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy, follow these steps to ensure a durable and flawless finish.

    1. Prepare the surface properly before pouring the deep pour epoxy.
    • Clean and level the surface, removing any dust or debris.
    • Apply a sealing coat to create a barrier and enhance adhesion.
    1. Mix the Liquid Glass Epoxy resin and activator in a 2:1 ratio.
    • Ensure thorough mixing for at least three minutes.
    1. Pour the mixture into the mold.
    • Allow bubbles to rise to the surface.
    • Use a heat gun to remove any remaining bubbles.
    1. The curing time of Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy is approximately 48-72 hours, depending on ambient temperature.
    2. Once cured, sand the surface lightly with sandpaper.
    • Clean the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol.

    Maintenance and Longevity of Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy

    durable waterproof liquid glass

    To effectively maintain and ensure the longevity of your waterproof liquid glass epoxy, follow these technical guidelines for optimal performance:

    1. Prepare the surface:
    • Before applying the epoxy, clean the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any dirt, dust, or contaminants.
    • For better adhesion, lightly sand the surface to create a rough texture.
    1. Apply a seal coat:
    • To ensure a strong bond and prevent any air bubbles from forming, it's recommended to apply a seal coat.
    • Mix the epoxy following all mixing directions and use a drill mixer set at a low speed to avoid introducing air.
    • Apply the seal coat evenly, making sure to cover the entire surface.
    • Allow it to cure until it's fully dry.
    1. Add another layer:
    • Once the seal coat is fully cured, you can proceed with adding another layer of epoxy.
    • Pour the epoxy according to the recommended depth for your project.
    • For deep pours, such as the Deep Pour option, measure 2 parts of epoxy to 1 part of hardener.
    • This will ensure a crystal clear finish without any cloudiness or discoloration.

    Comparing Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy to Other Waterproofing Solutions

    After understanding the maintenance and longevity of waterproof liquid glass epoxy, it's crucial to compare its performance to other waterproofing solutions in order to make an informed decision.

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    When compared to other solutions, the unmatched industry capability of liquid glass epoxy to pour deep, approximately 2-4 inches, sets it apart. This deep pour capability eliminates 75% of the work required by other solutions, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, liquid glass epoxy's bubble-less technology is a distinguishing feature. Its low viscosity formulation allows bubbles to effortlessly rise to the surface, resulting in a crystal-clear finish without the need for additional steps to remove bubbles.

    Furthermore, liquid glass epoxy is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality manufacturing standards and supporting the local economy and jobs. Its kit size and convenience are also notable advantages. The deep pour capability and clearest finish available in the market, coupled with the ease of calculating epoxy pour volume using Epoxy Resin Calculators, provide unmatched convenience and time-saving benefits.

    Lastly, liquid glass epoxy offers additional benefits and applications. It provides unparalleled clarity, highest UV yellowing resistance, and compatibility with various pigments and other epoxy brands, making it the best epoxy resin for wood, table DIY, and countertops.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Liquid Glass the Same as Epoxy?

    Liquid glass and epoxy are not the same. Liquid glass is a versatile material with applications in construction and more. It offers advantages like water resistance and durability, but differs from epoxy in composition and uses. It can be applied properly by following specific instructions.

    How Long Does Liquid Glass Epoxy Take to Harden?

    Liquid glass epoxy typically takes around 24 hours to harden completely. Factors like temperature, humidity, and thickness can affect the curing process. You can accelerate hardening by using heat or adding accelerators. Testing epoxy hardness is crucial.

    Is Liquid Glass Epoxy UV Resistant?

    Yes, liquid glass epoxy offers UV resistance, providing protection against the damaging effects of sunlight. This feature enhances durability and longevity, making it suitable for outdoor applications. Comparatively, its UV resistance is superior to other epoxy products.

    Can I Use Epoxy Resin as Waterproofing?

    You can use epoxy resin for waterproofing in various applications such as outdoor furniture and bathroom fixtures. It has pros like durability and a clear finish, but alternative materials and DIY methods are also available.


    In conclusion, the Waterproof Liquid Glass Epoxy is a remarkable solution for achieving a flawless and durable finish in various applications. Its high-quality formulation and low viscosity allow for easy application and bubble-free results.

    With its exceptional UV resistance and compatibility with color pigments, the customization options are endless. Whether it's for countertops, river tables, or artwork, this epoxy resin is a reliable choice that guarantees long-lasting quality and a crystal clear finish.

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